About the Leather

As a fisherman and conservationist, the materials I use need to meet high standards for both quality and environmental impact. All the leather I use come from animals that are the by-products of the food industry - none are raised only for their skins. I use vegetable tanned leathers wherever I can due to their lessened environmental impact and the beautiful patina they develop over time. I select leather from known tanneries so the chain of custody can be easily tracked and all parties can be held accountable.



The cowhide I use, I source from four primary tanneries: three in the USA, one in Italy.

  • Conceria Walpier - By far the most elegant of leathers that I offer. Their leathers are buttery smooth, consistent, and age with grace. They are a member of Pelle al Vegetale, a consortium of Tuscan tanneries located on the Arno river that meet high standards for sourcing, waste treatment, and sustainability. I use their leather in all my products.
  • Wickett & Craig - One of two remaining vegetable tanneries located in the USA. I use their bridle leather in the folding fly wallets and the shearling clamshell reel cases.
  • Hermann Oak - The other remaining vegetable tannery in the USA. I use their leather in various products for lining, stiffening, or support.
  • Horween - I use their combination tanned Latigo for keychains, custom reel cases, and the zippered fly wallet. I am phasing out use of this leather for Conceria Walpier.

Goat Hide

The goat hide I use comes from Alran S.A.S., located in the Tarn region of Southern France. I use their "Sully" line of combination tanned leather for the pockets of my zip wallet and the custom reel case.


All fish leather is the by-product of the fishing/meat industries. The salmon, cod, and wolffish skins are tanned in Iceland using geothermal power. The Nanai Salmon is vegetable tanned in Germany.


I source my premium shearling from The Nugget Company in San Antonio, Texas. They've been raising sheep for four generations, and supply tanned shearling hides to the world.