Growing up along the Boardman River in Traverse City MI, I grew up fly fishing. A couple decades later, I found leathercraft. With help from my mentors and friends Bob Summers and Arne Mason, I have found a way to marry the two.

I have the great privilege of being the inheritor of Arne's catalogue of products, cutting dies, patterns, tools, and construction techniques.

Ross' father and daughter looking out at the Deschutes; three generations.

Above photo: Myself, my father, and my eldest daughter overlooking the Deschutes River in central Oregon; three generations of fly fishers.

Photo of Arne Mason and Ross Winkler in Arne's shop after a training session.

Above photo: Myself and Arne in his shop in Southern Oregon. On this trip, I spent the day training with Arne on rod case manufacturing among other things.

arne mason fly wallet cutting dies

The cutting dies for a fly wallet Arne gifted to me.